Sonya Jesus

Kelsie Salvatore

After his right-hand man, my father, was murdered, Costa Beneventi took me in and adopted me. He gave me a home when my life was falling apart and promised me vengeance when my heart was breaking. I’m not the little mafia princess my dad raised anymore. I’m the assassin the Beneventis created. The mafia might have saved my life, but it sacrificed my heart. With every life I take, there’s a little less of me left… The only thing keeping me from losing all of myself is #31 on the Beneventi hit list. 

Hayden Masters

The Beneventi family killed my mother in front of me, put a hit on us and savagely killed my father, incriminating me. They orphaned me, tore me away from my life, and forced me into an endless lifetime of pretending to be everything I’m not. After all the fake identities and countless friends I never made, I’ve finally set down roots. Now, I’ve grown attached to this new life—to these new people—but I messed up. As long as I have the one thing that can bring the Beneventis down and clear my father’s name, no one is safe around me, especially not the girl I have fallen for. 

He wanted everything. He could have my nothings too.


My whole life, I've been running, living just under the radar. The day I arrived on the East Coast, looking for a new start, I found an end instead. One careless night landed me in the hands of a dark mafia boss, who wanted nothing more than to render me a number—to eviscerate my identity with his brutal mind game.  


That’s what he called me. That’s all I was to him. 

At least at first, before Breaker Beneventi told me all his family secrets, trickled his way into my heart, and then ordered my death. He set me free, knowing the butcher would find me. 
Now, I'm the girl who escaped. The one with the power to destroy his organization. And he's relentlessly searching for Lyla Vaughn all over the country, spilling the blood of innocents and losing his control. 


But he's not going to find me. Because that's not my name.

She's willing to start a war for love.



Appointed his sister's handler, Luca's done nothing more than tread the fine line between dutiful son and loyal informant, but he's tired of being in a world where he doesn't belong, doing things he hates. Torture, blood lust, and power are the Cabralis' motto, but Luca wasn't made that way. The girl he loves, however, that's a different story.

Isabella may not be as twisted as Luca's sister, but she's smart, rich, and ruthless... Rebellious at heart, Isabella's wild spirit got her kicked out of boarding school. Forced to live with the father she despises and abide by his rules, Isabella is placed on house-arrest for her own safety. Years later, she decides marrying her father's right-hand man will ensure her freedom.
That is until she finds out everything was a lie. She was nothing more than a piece in her father's game. Now, she'll do anything to escape and find her way back to Luca, even if it means starting a war. 


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