Sonya Jesus
The Family & Associates

The Boss

Breaker Beneventi

The monster-tamer. Breaker's a young Mafia boss who took power to soon. He's impulsive, wretched, and downright evil—except when it comes to 327.

The Consigliere

Stone Beneventi

Breaker's half-brother, who believes in Breaker's good side, even if he doesn't believe he has one. 

The Hit Woman

Kelsie Salvatore

Vengeance-driven and broken-hearted. This once Mafia princess uncovered the secret web of lies Costa Beneventi constructed. Now all she wants is love.

Identity Thief


The girl with no identity contains all the Beneventi Secrets. She's Breaker's one true weakness, but what if he isn't hers?

The Villain

Magdalena Cabrali

The Key to Costa Beneventi's plan. Merging the Cabralis and the Beneventis would increase the power, but she's vicious. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

The Wild Card


Twins don't share everything, especially not secrets. He doesn't care for Mafia politics; his agenda is in Chicago.


Hayden Masters

Kelsie's target and the son of the man investigating Costa Beneventi. He should have run away when his identity was blown, but he stayed for his best-friend, Stone, and the girl who won his heart.

Note from the Author:




  • Due to the pandemic, Blood and Bone (Beneventi Family Book 2) release has been moved to 2021. 


The Crime World Map of Sonya's Brain:


  • Six Deadly Steps, Luca's love story, takes place in Chicago where the Santini Family runs rampant.


  • The Beneventis rule New York.


  • Sons of Sindicato is a Mafia World based on the streets of NJ, written in collaboration with Cam Johns.



Reading Order Recommendation:


  • 31 Kisses is the STANDALONE prequel (0.5) to the Beneventi Family. It does not need to be read before Brutal and Raw, but it has background on the dynamics, Kelsie's history, and Costa Beneventi's evil plan. You also meet Franco and Kelsie's puppy.


  • Brutal and Raw is a very dark romantic thriller. It is the FIRST OFFICAL BOOK of the Beneventi Family Series. WARNING: Breaker is not a good man, he's a crime lord, and thus his actions will reflect so. This book may contain triggers and is emotionally-loaded. 


  • Six Deadly Steps is a STANDALONE novel about the other Cabrali Twin, Luca and his need to escape witht he Mafia Doll, Isabella Santini. This full-legnth novel has a guest appearance from Kelsie and creates an alliance with Breaker Beneventi. 
  • Blood and Bone, is currently in progress and will soon be available for Pre-Order.