Sonya Jesus


  It started with fire.

Not the kind that burns inside you and melts your heart into a mess of happy feelings. A real one. One that rips through wood and disintegrates brick and bone, leaving ashes and orphans in its wake.

Death would have saved me from a rocky family life. There would be no cigarette burns on the soles of my feet, no vicious words engraved in my mind, and no Kai Madison. The friend who saw past the scars and offered me pennies for my secrets. The guy who stole my heart with a single kiss in the middle of a rose garden on a snowy winter.

Nothing would have been easier to leave behind—to vanish from—but for the past four years, I've been isolated from the world, living in a hospital room and helping the Feds build a case against my foster-dad. Now I'm free and willing to risk my life to see him again.
There's only one problem. I'm no longer imperfect. I have the same heart, but a different face



Rich, Famous, and Broken.



Marriage is the last thing Ledger Brighton, the famous billion-heir, has on his mind, so when the family fortune comes with a crystal slipper, a bag of secrets, and a Cinderella clause, the social media celeb is on the hunt ... But not for his future wife. 

First, he needs to find his missing sister.   A set of mysterious clues propels Ledger into a scavenger hunt through the Hamptons. Little does he know, they'll lead him straight to the pain-in-the-ass blogger cleaning his mansion.
Together, Norah and Ledger uncover the Brighton family's darkest secrets, stumble upon a body, and find the one thing neither of them is looking for—love.