Sonya Jesus


There’s a theory about a bullet and a tortured heart: when both exist, the only variable is opportunity.


After months of moping around and watching her relationship fall apart, Eleanor Deveraux only has one thing left to live for—revenge. So when her fiancé insists on salvaging their

relationship by working together on a case, her first step lands her in a therapist's office.


She begrudgingly attends her first session with Dr. Nolan Mills and abides to his ridiculous 'homework assignments' for one reason only: she needs the case files on the proxy killer who has been causing havoc in her city.


While the rest of the precinct wants to stop the vigilante and his bullet messages, Eleanor wants to hire the man who solves the unsolvable cases. All she needs is the name of the killer on a bullet, and she'll do the rest.


But Eleanor has no idea the very man she wants to catch is the one mending her broken mind. When he gives her a chance at revenge, will she take the shot or turn him in?